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How to Overcome Career Stagnation?


Are you tired of showing up to work every day and sitting at your desk doing the same old thing?  Do you want more out of your career than what the company seems to be handing you?  You can rise above career stagnation, but you must first change your mindset. Women often become stagnated in their careers, but how can they overcome Career Stagnation?

To see the desired change in your career you must know what you want, even if you don’t yet know how to get it.  Clearly identify what you want next in your career, what you want, or need.

You must also believe in yourself. A belief is a thought and thoughts can lead to actions.  Your beliefs have a great influence on you and those around you.  Your beliefs can work for or against you.  If you suffer from limiting beliefs, identify them and get rid of them quickly. Counter any negative thinking with positive thinking. It’s also important to be clear on what you want next in your career.  An intention is an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions. 

Focus your time, energy, and thoughts on where you want to pivot in your career, and don’t focus so much on the things that have disappointed you. Those disappointments could have been that you were passed over for multiple promotions, denied professional development opportunities, or you were provided with a false sense of security and hope with your current company.  Don’t focus on those disappointments; embrace the new chapter that you are about to write and use the disappointments as a catalyst to see the desired change in your career.

It is important to know that applying for new career opportunities can take time, be patient, and release any self-doubt, anxiety, and disbelief.  Do not entertain negative thoughts; expect and believe that the outcome you are looking for will materialize.

Speak positive words of affirmation. Even when you may receive a rejection letter, remind yourself that the job that God has for you will come to you.   An “affirmation” is “a solemn and formal declaration.” 

Remain focused on the new career that you desire.  The more you remain focused, you will start to see yourself in your new role and if it’s the role that God has for you, you will get it.

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About Lenora

Lenora Lassiter is a Professional Speaker, Author, Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, and Licensed Minister. She believes in bringing everything she has to the proverbial table to shape and equip those navigating through life’s many transitions to pivot to their purpose.

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