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I created a vision for my life, built my confidence, and executed the blueprint to get the results I was looking for.

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I help women pivot in their careers and life.

Early in my career I started working as an Administrative Assistant and climbed the ranks to serve as a Contractor Installation Manager for a government contract for one of the largest Army Bases in the world, Fort Bragg, NC. I worked with military service members and civilians helping them pivot in their careers and life. There were several times that I saw job postings and didn’t apply because I felt I wasn’t qualified or met all the requirements, but then I saw my counterparts with lesser experience and education than I, apply for higher paying jobs and get it. I started saying to myself, I am worthy of career advancement and more money. I saw people start businesses, podcasts, host Signature Events, create Signature Programs, and speak in front of large crowds and said to myself, I can do the same.

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Topics Include:


Strategic Career Pivots: Maximizing Earnings and Professional Fulfillment


Navigating Life's Challenges: Overcoming Roadblocks with Resilience


Purpose-Driven Impact: Unleashing the Power of Your Life's Purpose


You've Got THIS: Triumphing Over Tough, Hard, and Impossible Situations


Cracking the Employee Retention Code: Strategies for Company Success


Empowering Women in the Workplace: Confronting Disparities with Confidence

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You Got THIS (Tough. Hard. Impossible. Situations.)