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Pivot to Your Purpose Podcast

You were born for a purpose and that purpose is to pour into the lives of others. 


Tune in Bi-weekly on Tuesdays to hear from individuals who have pivoted to their purpose. Hear how they have changed the trajectory of their career, life, or business. 

Join us next week as Lenora takes the mic once again, bringing you fresh stories, advice, and inspiration that will empower you to conquer your dreams. Stay tuned for a brand-new episode that promises to be as enlightening as it is motivating. You won’t want to miss it! 


Lenora Pours Pouring Sessions


A Pouring Session with Yolanda Barton


A Pouring Session with Angie, Qualia, and Makeithra


A Pouring Session with Tiffany Jones


"When you want information and inspiration tune into The Lenora Pours show! It will enhance your life and strengthen your faith."

Kimberly F.

"Lenora Pours is a great podcast, it’s full of learning and resources. The Podcast gives everyone a platform in one way or another. The information that she gives out can be anything from A to Z. Things that are going on in Fayetteville and worldwide. The people that she interviews are very knowledgeable and informative. I personally recommend 10 out of 10! While watching this podcast you may be subjected to cry, laugh, give your own testimony or feedback, or maybe just ask a question; either way, you will get something out of the podcast. Lenora Lassiter is a wonderful people person, who will give her last and is a big supporter of the black community. Go to her podcast and support, you can get the dates and times from her page."

Regina B.

Lenora understands. In a country divided, she offers common ground. Rather than glorifying ambition, she offers compassion, cooperation, and collaboration. Her stories are not the stories of famous people or political leaders. Instead, Lenora’s stories are those of the people behind the scenes. Those who, in their everyday lives, are healing this nation. Lenora is a messenger of hope.

Lynn G.

I've been watching Lenora's podcasts from the very beginning, and it has blessed my soul tremendously. I look forward to watching her podcasts. She provides very interesting and helpful content. What I love most is that Lenora keeps it real and gives great tips and tools that work for me. The knowledge and motivation I've received from her and the different guests have been phenomenal...I absolutely love Lenora's podcasts.

Kisha R.

Her platform invites authentic discussions about life. She has a natural and unique approach to individuals from all backgrounds. Multitalented describes Lenora.

Madonna T.